Meet the Team


Craig Iott

Owner, Life Coach

Business consultant

Craig Iott has dedicated his life to helping others find their life vision and learning to execute every area of life around that vision. Craig has experience with leading as an executive pastor and has worked with several organizations in building and organizing systems and teams with CFOs to entrepreneurs. He has done political consulting for a Party-backed Mayoral candidate of a city with a 900 million dollar a year budget helping him discover and focus on the wildly important. 

Craig has helped dozens of individuals with everything from buying a home, reworking their budget, finding purpose, getting a job, dealing with marital issues. He truly believes that all people can center their life around a Circle of  Personal DevelopmentThis became such a compelling vision that he has dedicated his life to helping individuals learn to grow in Emotional Health, Self-Leadership, Financial Peace, Self-Leadership, Healthy Relationships, and Career and Purpose. 



Matthew Delaney is a life coach and communicator coach at All Solutions Consulting.


Matthew is passionate about helping people be encouraged, feel heard, and find their next step so that they can live lives of purpose and peace.


Matthew worked as a pastor, communication coach, and content developer at one of the largest churches in Tulsa, helping people grow in their personal lives and training dozens of communicators to speak in front of groups of 100-500 people.


Currently a college professor, Matthew speaks regularly to college students about life, purpose, and best practices for living a meaningful life. Matthew has helped dozens of people see the value in their life, discover and develop their strengths, master time and energy management, and make strategic decisions for their future.


Matthew is an experienced communicator, having communicated to groups of 100 to 500 people over 500 times in a 4 year period. As a college professor, he now communicates 14 hours per week to students in an engaging, countercultural class format that focuses on relationships and relevant content for the real world.

Matthew Delaney

Life Coach