How to Motivate Your Team

Updated: May 11, 2020

An interesting study was done not long ago by Barnum's research. They found that the reasons that people want to leave are not the opposite of the reasons people will stay. Let me explain.

People say the reason they want to leave could be: a bad manager, bad pay, bad teammates, work is too hard, etc. People give a million different reasons as to why they should leave. Let's talk about why they stay.

People love their jobs when they feel like they have a clear purpose and are able to contribute in a significant way. They want to know they are making a difference in their company.

The obvious next question is, how do you develop a sense of significance in your team? Do you remember the first time that someone asked you to do something that you were really good at and you felt so alive?

I remember the first time someone gave me a HUGE role in making strategic decisions for our organization. I felt so important that I was able to take part in something I was good at for the sake of the company.

I was also asked to do large group communication, which should have been something that felt significant. After all, I was making a difference, and I was even good at it, but I dreaded it. I could never understand why. The more I communicated and acted in this role, the more frustrated I got.

When your team works out of their strengths, they work with a sense of significance.

It was years later that I realized that every time I was able to work through my strengths, it felt so fulfilling.

Every time other people describe with clarity what parts of the jobs they love, it is always centered around what they are good at.

People love to do what they are designed to do.

Give your team the opportunity to contribute in the most significant way possible.

Motivating your team means understanding your team.

Take the time to implement a strong system for understanding your people and create room for them to make significant contributions through their design. Everyone will win.

When people live out of their strengths, the company has more engaged employees, the employees do better work, and everyone will be happier with increased production.

If you want to have a more motivated team, help them know themselves.

People can only be as great as they are aware of their strengths and design.

This works the same no matter what kind of organization you work for. Whether it is: inspiring your team at a bank, inspiring your team at a factory, inspiring your team at a laundromat, inspiring your team at a car wash, inspiring your team at an energy company, inspiring your team at an oil and gas company, inspiring your team in a corporate environment, inspiring your team at an ice cream parlor, inspiring your team at a restaurant.

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