How to Have a Meaningful Life - Part 3 

Stop. Take an inventory.

No people in sight. No clear way to win the fight. No win condition.

I could look up, out and around. Nothing would change until I stopped and I finally found, The answer.

Just some reflected light. Nothing special. Showing me myself every day until I finally got it. It came together like the sweater your grandmother would knit.

Things had to change. Well, not really. I just had to see it differently.

Looking around I was seeing through pupils adjusted by the iris of victimhood.

I now understood. I found a mentor. Who taught me to stop being a minotaur.

To stop running around a labyrinth feigning incidence of innocence.

To stop creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of isolation. When all I had to do was seek out people worthy of my illumination.

Who would do life together instead of alone. The kind you bring home.

The one's mothers pray for their children to meet. Not the kind who pretends, and love folly and deceit.

They turn the tide, pointing out to you that circling the mountain won't ever get you to the other side.

You climb down together regardless of the weather, and you find yourself tethered.

To a new way, a new life, a new day, a new song, a new dance, a new stance, of health.

Now that you have exited Plato's cave, You are obliged to share the light turning the prism in the lathe.

Becoming the new friend of a mother's prayer. Guide lost travelers out of the dragon's lair.

The mentor, the peer, the mentee. We need them all to be free.

Take a step.

Pick a mentor.

Make new friends.

Mentor others.

The third step in living a meaningful life.

Surround yourself with a healthy community of people.

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