How to Find a Job You will Love

Every person wants to have some kind of job that they enjoy right? I mean I can't tell you how many times I work with people who simply have no idea what kind of job they should get.

It is EXTREMELY common to get into a job and be ok with simply not hating your life. "I don't love my job but it pays the bills." I think most of the time people are just trying to find a job they don't hate.

Would you believe me if I told you that you could do even better than that? Let me tell you a story.

I had a friend who went to school and got a degree in psychology. As soon as she had graduated as excited as a Monarch butterfly enjoying a fresh batch of milkweed she looked for a job.

She had believed for so much of her life she wanted to work with kids and wasn't exactly sure how but went ahead and got a job in psychology.

The moment she got her first job working with kids she realized she absolutely...hated it.

Yep. Dreams crashed (fire emoji) and burned. She then went on to leave that job and couldn't decide if she wanted to stay in this city or move.

She went back to a different kind of school to learn something else only to be more confused than before about what she wants to do.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps you are thinking that if you are older this doesn't affect you? I am currently working with a client who has always been in the same kind of business.

He never loved it. He spent years doing what he was told could just help him make money. He found himself in a repeating cycle of frustration not ever making as much money as he hoped and constantly feeling frustrated.

Can you relate to that?

I don't know how many people are in a job where they don't feel valued, they don't enjoy the work, and aren't utilizing their best skills.

I'm sick and tired of it. Nothing actually makes me madder than when people don't know that they can have a job they love and do what they are great at. (Except maybe when they don't know their worth.)

Ironically, this can sound both like a painfully obvious statement, and a pipe dream. The question is, how?

How do you get into a job that helps you feel a deep sense of fulfillment and know that you are in the right space to be successful based on who YOU are?

I think it matters to go through a process of understanding yourself and what it is that you want in order to do that.

You know as well as I do that for most of your life people have told you what you should want to do and what you should be good at.

People tell you that you have to be a great communicator, or better at strategy, perhaps people say you need to become most disciplined to keep up with your routine job.

I am here to tell you that maybe...just maybe, you aren't supposed to do those things at all. Maybe you are designed differently and the things that you have been told you need to improve on your whole life actually aren't in your make-up to be great at, to begin with.

I will tell you this. One of my best friends does not have a great sense of consistency. He loves to constantly change things up. He is TERRIBLE at routine work.

It is something he has been frustrated with himself in the past. After going through some different tools to understand himself he began to realize that it was a strength and not a weakness to be bad at routine.

Believe it or not. Half of the things you think are bad may actually be a strength of yours. If you hate having to come up with the big plan for your project, and just want someone to give your clear direction to get it done that isn't a problem.

That is a good thing. Go you! It is called having executing strengths.

If you think about your job and your primary concern comes down to taking care of your clients and the people you work with your primary strengths may be relationship building.

When you take time and want to make sure you plan and think through many variables and analyze the steps before you take them then strategic thinking maybe the primary way you do your job.

Have you ever met someone who always seems to know what to say and how to move a crowd and always admired that? That would be influencing (not like a social media guru).

When you are trying to find a job that you love the journey starts with knowing what you really do love to do and what you hate to do.

A HUGE mistake people make is simply think in terms of what they know how to do as opposed to how they are designed.

Knowing how you are designed is a key part of knowing the best path forward.

I think every person should walk through the journey of learning about themselves and seeing the great things inside of them waiting to be unleashed.

One of the things business owners love to hear when looking to hire someone is that they are keenly aware of what they can contribute.

When people have no real idea of how they can make an impact, it will be hard to find a job that they will love.

When looking at the many ways to develop and see first what your strengths are in order to find a job you will love to do, it can be overwhelming with all of the tools out there.

Some of the ones that I recommend are the Enneagram, Strengthsfinder 2.0, Thinking Wavelength, and The 4 Working Types.

These different tools can be invaluable as you go through the journey of discovering more about yourself and your future goals.

Don't let yourself get stuck between "I want to find a job that I will love to do" and "What is my first step to making it happen."

Most people have great thoughts. Most people have great desires. Most people know that they want to do something greater for themselves.

Most people never take any steps toward their goals.

Looking to take your first step toward your next big life-changing decision?

Take a look at this 8-step system to find the success and fulfillment you have always wanted.

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