I remember being a kid on a small farm in Claremore, Oklahoma when I was sixteen years old and beginning to plan for how much I would need to make to survive when I would become an adult.

My mom worked at Wal-Mart for most of my life and so I knew how much money she made. I knew how much all of the bills cost for our house and to take care of our property and I was making a budget to be able to survive on my own if I needed to.

I DREAMED of making 1744 dollars a month. That is about 21,000 a year. To me, that was wealth. That was a success. I knew if I could just make 10.90 per hour then I would have made it. I would have truly made it. Because for me, I had no idea the scale of success, because surviving was a success.

While I was in college, I worked for a bank and started at 7.95 an hour. And after a couple of years consistently getting 33 cent raises every four months, I finally hit 10.50 per hour. On top of that, I would work hard on selling credit cards, which put in at 11.00 per hour.

I then learned something. I wasn't really making much of anything at all. I met someone who was literally just handing out merchandise for Monster and was being paid 15 per hour. My whole world broke. I realized someone made 50% more than me because they just answered a help wanted ad for a college student.

I had hit my "dream" income by 19 years old. By 20, I realized that I was the cap on my own earning potential. I believed that 11 dollars per hour is what I deserved and so that is what I was able to earn.

As soon as I decided I was worth more I was able to earn more. People will never pay you more than what you believe you are worth.

This truth radically changed me. My mentality broke, and I said why can't I earn more? Maybe my value was higher than that. So, I went on and tried. I went to work for T-Mobile and averaged 18 per hour. In 1 year, I nearly doubled my income. All of a sudden I realized we are in charge of how much we can make.

I would dream of how much I believe my work is worth, and how to get there.

For you, how much do you want to earn in one day? Can you stop thinking in terms of dollars per hour? Maybe you want to make 80, 90, 100 thousand a year, why not?

Most people don't. It isn't because people can't. It is because they don't believe they are worth it. Believing you are worth it doesn't instantly give you the job that pays that. Let me explain what it does.

It gives you the confidence to learn the skills to earn it, it gives you the confidence to make a plan and execute it to earn it, it gives you the confidence to grow and develop to earn it, it gives you the confidence to interview for your next job to earn it. If you don't believe in you, then who will?

If you know what your strengths are, what technical skills can be partnered with your strengths, and what means of education to acquire those skills, then there is no reason to not grow and develop your earning potential.

Have some faith.

Let me define faith for you. It is BELIEF IN ACTION. If you believe it, then live as if it is true and watch the glass ceiling above you shatter over and over again. Have some faith.

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