3 Ways to Maintain Momentum in Your Company.

Momentum. The single most valuable asset of an organization. Every single company has to maintain momentum in order to be successful. Whenever you lose momentum, it feels like the wind getting knocked from your stomach. Let me tell you a story.

Looking back, the darkest time of my life was right after one of my greatest successes. We had decided to do a large remodel for the nonprofit I was overseeing and decided to do it on a 100% volunteer basis.

We had a number of individuals with the technical skills to get it done, so it shouldn't have been a problem. But, I became the foreman of this venture, and am not exactly proficient at construction, electrical, production, etc., so it became quite the challenge.

However, I do know how to solve problems and manage budgets, so I was able to successfully oversee the project. We created so much momentum that it took 40 days straight of work. I was making live videos and our social media was doing better than ever.

By the time we completed the project in our strict timeline, we had created quite the buzz around our project and you would not believe it. We had our opening, and PEOPLE SHOWED UP.

We had twice as many guests as expected. It was a surreal experience. We executed all of our steps perfectly and our customer service was top notch. We thought this was the boost we needed to push us through into summer.

Nothing could have gone better. We were set for success. Or so we thought.

The next week we hit a new record. A record low. The momentum we built fell as if being ejected from a fighter plane in the middle of a dogfight. It was truly unexpected. Our momentum was non-existent.

It took us four months to regain any of it. That was a crippling and debilitating time for me, both personally and professionally. I became depressed. How could this happen? Something had to change.

I want to share with you three things that helped me come out of it, and how to keep low weeks from turning into low months and low years.

1. Remember your why. Your big steps, events, sales, etc. are not the vision. They serve your vision. Sometimes after we have been somewhere for a while we can forget the reason we started in the first place.

You had a beautiful dream once. Something inspired you to take action and got you to where you are. Remember that moment for your own sake. You need a reminder of why you are there. Bring people into that dream with you.

Be a guide on a safari showing the landscape of a reality you desire to create through the organization you are a part of. People want to be taken on the journey. They will go so much further with you if you first give them a clear why.

2. Keep your team on the daily grind. The daily execution can easily escape us. We find 101 projects to keep us from doing the wildly important thing. Instead of moving from big event to big event, or from sale to sale, keep a wildly important task in front of you always.

Celebrate victories, but follow them up with clear direction and steps forward. Have a plan in place BEFORE your big idea comes to a close. Don't lose the ride of momentum with success, and cut the losses of the momentum of underwhelming results.

People need clarity to take their next step. Give them achievable tasks to keep morale high.

3. Give your team a reason to get up every morning. Foster a company culture that overcomes the ups and downs of seasons of business.

If people have guided principles and love their company culture, then they will be willing to ride out the low seasons with you and press onward to the future. Create an atmosphere that people see and think "I want to be a part of that."

When people are treated well and feel like their personality and strengths are understood then they will feel valued and engaged in a way like never before.

Take time to re-examine your business and these three things will help you maintain momentum under any circumstances.

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