The All-in-One Startup Business System

Business In A Box

Business In A Box is a system developed by us that provides several worksheets to which both you and your business coach will have access.

These worksheets will help lay the foundation of a successful business. The worksheets are yours to keep as the system will grow with your business.

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According to the Chamber of Commerce, a large percentage of small businesses fail in the first few years. 20% fail in their first year. That number jumps to 30% in the second year and more than 50% by the fifth year.

Businesses fail because they fail to bring in the fund they need to stay open and pay their employees. Next to inadequate funding, businesses fail because of poor planning and bad management.

Statistically, only 40% of businesses are profitable, the other 60% are either breaking even or losing money.

Do you want to be part of the successful 40%

or the drowning 60%?

Does this sound familiar?


You're excited! You're pumped!

You made the decision to start your business and you are motivated.

You got your business name picked out

You believe what you have to offer is a game-changer.

Your friends and family believe in you and support you.


Then it hits you, where do I start?

All the questions start flooding your brain.

"How much money do I need?"

"Do I apply for an LLC or Sole Proprietor?"

"How do I get customers?"

"How much do I charge?"


It's been 3 months since you started your business, you look the part of a successful business owner and you talk the part too.

Maybe you put together a little DIY website and have your products and services listed.

You wake up every morning ready to make a sale.

You have done everything you can think of to market and search for customers except nothing and no one has come your way.

You are defeated.

It doesn't have to end that way.

Stop the stress and the sleepless nights.

All Solutions Consulting is here to help.

Business In A Box is customizable to your businesses needs

Your custom needs may include:

  • Logo & brand kit design

  • Design & creation of your website including:


SEO keywords

SEO metadata

Written privacy policy and terms of use for your site

  • Creating necessary customer or employee agreements

  • Setting up your merchant account including:

appointments calendar



Customer/employee contracts

  • Establishing your social media accounts including:

Creating social media collaterals

Creating content for initial posts

  • Creating your company email

  • Assist with setting up your business bank account

  • Assist with LLC formation

  • Assist with creating a Google business account and claiming it

Plus many more!

How Does Our System Work?


During the Pre-Plan phase, we look at various factors including your mental, emotional, and financial readiness.

We maximize your strengths and assess your areas of weakness where we can better fill the gaps.

Vision & Budget

The story brand or narrative is the why behind the business. What makes your business special and stand out above the rest. We help you create a vision that encompasses your values, morals, hopes, and dreams.

We look at your starting budget and startup expenses. We will help you separate the wants from the needs of the business.

Build Your Brand

We help you highlight what sets you apart from your competitors but building your brand. Everything from your business name to your logo, website, and complete brandkit. From what colors you pick to the fonts you want to use, this is the genetic makeup of your business.

Am I ready to start a business?

Business Foundation

We will guide you through registering your LLC with your state, finding the permits and licensing your business may need, setting up a business bank account, email account, point of sale system, and more.

Anything your business needs to operate we will guide you through the process and make it happen!

Product/Service &


You know the products and/or services you want to offer. We help you develop them, describe them, market them, and set prices on them.

All Solutions Consulting helps you identify the market value for your products/services and make them profitable.

Competitors & Marketing

We help you identify your target audience and how they shop for your products and/or services. Then we help you market to your target audience.

We work with you to identify your competitors, what they are offering, how they are marketing, and how you can shine above them.

Sales & Closing Process

Knowing your sales pitch is the battle, closing the sale is the literal money maker. We help you develop your sales script and process, then we talk you through overcoming objections and closing the sale.

I'm ready to start a business! Let's go!

Income & Reveue Tracking

We teach you how to track revenue and stay on top of profits. We review any months that came in at a loss and look for ways to improve.

Leadership Development

We teach you how to lead your business and employees to success! We teach you valuable skills like communication, leading different types of people, relational equity, maximizing your team's strengths, and busy savvy that will take you further than you ever thought possible.


Finally, the number one thing new business owners lack and need the most is accountability. We will walk with you every step of the way. Some weeks you may have homework and others you will have deadlines. Whatever the case, we will hold you accountable for your goals and dreams. We will not let you slip through the cracks.

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