Customer Service training andr professional team development

"Customer Service Workshop"

This one-hour session helps an organization to not only focus on what is urgent but to look at what is important. Employees crave personal development opportunities. This will help re-focus your team or help them advance personally depending on the selected top. It will be a presentation/discussion-based workshop to help hone skills, refocus, and accelerate growth in your business. There are different subjects that you'll be able to choose based on your team's needs or general which focuses on the main topics.

Vision and storybrand development for refocusing team.



Customer service discussion based off of principles from Horst Schulze, previous COO of the Ritz Carlton.


A reminder of the why for your business. You can’t focus on the money. You have to focus on what makes the money.


The importance of Emotional health in the workplace.


How to develop a healthy work culture and relationships with your customers.


Inspire. Motivate. Activate


Group strengths/personality assessment.